The project contributes to the openness for ubiquitous learning of the large-scale repositories of  digitised text, graphics, audio, video objects and to the process of their transformation into learning content, adequately enhancing and facilitating the knowledge building. The project addresses innovative development of the main components of the learning processes – resources, services, communication spaces. New functionality of the learning communication spaces will be achieved by integrated web-, digital television and mobile technologies, supporting cross-media learning content. New e-Learning management systems based on this integration will improve and extend the learning services within new consistent pedagogical scenarios. The use of annotated and adequately structured knowledge from digital archives will enable lecturers/authors to participate in ‘open source’ content development from massive, dynamically growing learning resources.

The project is targeted at the following results:

1/ Development of learning scenarios for ubiquitous learning in different learning contexts, modelling learning process and learning materials by considering different ways and phases of cross-media authoring, access, delivery, study and assessments through different modes and levels of integrated web-based, DVB and mobile technologies;

2/ Development of authoring studio for generation of learning resources from existing digital archives;

3/ Development and implementation of knowledge-on-demand ubiquitous learning platform, integrating learning resources and communication spaces through knowledge-on-demand learning services;

4/ Extended experimentation of the functionality and usability of the platform implementation by authors/lecturers and learners in multiple national contexts. The project meets the challenges of Europe enlargement by its research and development to provide highly customizable knowledge-on-demand learning services for the broad public in ubiquitous manner.